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Security Center 5.9
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When you create a map from an AutoCAD file, you can import the AutoCAD blocks as map objects by associating them to existing Security Center entities.

Before you begin


  1. After the Choose your background step of the map creation wizard, you have the option to import AutoCAD blocks as map objects by associating block definitions with Security Center entity types.
    If you have synchronized entities from AutoCAD before, and the same block definitions exist in your current file, the same mapping would be loaded by default. You can edit the synchronization settings, import previously saved settings from an XML file, or define new ones.
  2. If this is the first time you create a map from AutoCAD, click Add ().
  3. In the dialog box that opens, associate an AutoCAD block with an entity type.
    Entity type
    Security Center entity type behind the map objects you want to import.
    Block definition to be associated to the selected entity type.
    Name attribute
    Block attribute that holds the block instance name that must match the entity name.
  4. Click Synchronize.
    The matches found in the AutoCAD file are listed.
  5. If there are block instances you do not wish to import, select them in the list and click Remove ().
  6. If necessary, associate more AutoCAD blocks with Security Center entity types.
  7. Export your synchronization settings to an XML file for reuse.
    1. Click Export.
    2. In the file browser that opens, enter a file name and click Save.
    An XML file capturing the AutoCAD blocks to Security Center entity type synchronization settings is created. You can reuse those settings the next time you create an AutoCAD map with the same block definitions.
  8. Click Next.

After you finish

Resume your map creation process.