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Security Center 5.9
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After your area is created and it contains at least two perimeter doors, you can apply an interlock logic to it so that only one door can be open at a time.

Before you begin

What you should know

For interlock logic to work, the door sensors must be able to detect when the door is opened.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Area view task.
  2. Select the secured area, and click the Advanced tab.
  3. Turn on the Interlock option.
    When the option is on, only one perimeter door of the area can be open at any given time. To open a door, all others must be closed.
  4. If the door is controlled by an HID unit, turn off the Antipassback.
  5. If you need to override the normal behavior in case of an emergency, set the following:
    Select the input that is wired to the override key switch or flip switch. When the switch in on, the interlock feature is disabled.
    Select the input that is wired to the lockdown key switch or flip switch. When the switch is on, all perimeter doors remain locked until the switch is back to its normal position.
    When both the override and lockdown inputs are configured, select which one has priority when both inputs are active.
  6. Click Apply.