Limitations in monitoring intrusion panel inputs - Security Center 5.9

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We recommend that you use intrusion panels only for intrusion monitoring.

Intrusion panels are not designed to capture rapid consecutive changes to their input states, such as doors being opened and closed rapidly, or motion sensors that detect constant movements.

The main purpose of an input on an intrusion panel is to trigger an alarm when its state changes. When the input becomes active while its intrusion detection area is armed, the panel raises an alarm. Security Center uses this alarm to trigger an Intrusion detection area alarm activated event.
  • Intrusion panels are limited in the number of events they can report; they are also limited in how fast they can transmit them.
  • It might take a few minutes to receive the changes to the input states in Security Center.
  • Some of the changes to the input states might not be reported in Security Center even though the panel raises intrusion alarms.