Limitations of federated reads matching - Security Center 5.9

Security Center Administrator Guide 5.9

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Security Center 5.9
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The federated reads matching feature applies only for real-time reads.

The federated reads matching feature does not raise hits for the following:
  • Stored reads, such as reads from a XML import module of a federated site
  • Genetec Patroller™ offloads
  • Reads over 5 minutes old on the federated site that are not sent to the Federation™ host

The Source column in a report displays only the federated site from where the read was received, and not the ALPR Manager role on the Federation™ host that raised the hit. To identify the role on the Federation™ host that raised the hit, you must include the role details in the hotlist name. For example, a hotlist named Hotlist A associated to a role running on the Federation™ host named ALPR Manager 1 could be named to Hotlist A on ALPR Manager 1.

In the following scenarios, low-resolution images are displayed in the reports:
  • The corresponding read or hit has been deleted at the federated site.
  • The federated site is not accessible.