Logging on to Security Center through Config Tool - Security Center 5.9

Security Center Administrator Guide 5.9

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Security Center 5.9
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To log on to Security Center, you must open Config Tool and connect to the Security Center Directory.

Before you begin

Make sure that you have your username, password, and the name of the main server that you want to connect to.

What you should know

Logging on to Security Center typically involves a two-way authentication:
  • The Directory (main server) must be authenticated by the party requesting the connection (the user).
  • The party requesting the connection must be authenticated and authorized by the Directory.

Security Center offers different options to handle the authentication process. Your logon procedure might take on different paths depending on how the administrator has set up your system.

After you are logged on, you can disconnect from the Directory without closing Config Tool. Logging off without closing the application is helpful if you plan to log on again using a different username and password.


  1. Open Config Tool by clicking Start > All Programs > Genetec Security Center 5.9 > Config Tool.
  2. In the Logon dialog box, enter the name or the IP address of your main server as Directory.
    NOTE: If you are running Config Tool on the main server, you can enter Localhost instead of the main server name.

    If the Directory is not responding, make sure the server is online and that your network configuration allows your computer to contact the main server (check hostname, IP address, and firewall rules).

    If the Directory is not trusted, it could be the sign of a man-in-the-middle attack. Do not proceed unless you (or your administrator) are certain that the server you are contacting is secure.

    Click the padlock icon for more information.

    If your administrator confirms that you can trust that server, click Proceed and do not ask again. The certificate of that machine will be stored on your machine and future connections to that same Directory will be trusted, as long as its certificate does not change.

  3. Enter your Security Center username and password.
    If you have just installed Security Center, enter Admin with a blank password.

    If single sign-on is deployed using third-party authentication, you must click the Sign in button for your identity provider, or append your domain name to the end of your username, such as Username@DomainName. You will then be redirected to your identity provider for authentication. Skip to Logging on using web-based authentication.

  4. To log on using your Windows user account, select Use Windows credentials.
    This option is only available if Active Directory is set up on your system.

    NOTE: If your client workstation is not on the same domain as your server, or if you want to log on to Security Center with a different Windows account, you must clear the Use Windows credentials option and type your username in the format DOMAIN\Username.

  5. Click Log on.
  6. To log off, click the home () tab, and then click Log off.