Mapping elevator entities to physical elevator floor wiring - Security Center 5.9

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For your elevator entity to be functional, you must match the hardware wiring you made to the elevator in Security Center, so the Access Manager knows how to control the elevator.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Area view task.
  2. Select the elevator entity to configure, and click the Floors tab.
  3. From Preferred unit drop-down list, select an access control unit that is connected to the elevator cab reader.
  4. From the Elevator cabin reader drop-down list, assign the reader input.
  5. To change the elevator cab’s reader settings, click Reader settings () and set the following options:
    NOTE: Make sure your settings match the capabilities of your reader. The system cannot validate the capabilities of your hardware. You can configure this type of reader on the unit's Peripherals page.
    PIN entry timeout
    This sets the entry timeout for the PIN after the card has been read. For example, at the default (5 seconds), you have 5 seconds to enter all the PIN digits.
    Use card and PIN
    Set to ON to change the reader mode to Card and PIN and use the Schedule drop-down list to select when this mode applies. When not in a scheduled time period, the reader behaves in Card only mode.
  6. Under the Floors section, use the following buttons to add elevator floors or change their configuration:
    • To add an elevator floor, click .
    • To delete the selected elevator floor, click .
    • To move the selected elevator floor up, click .
    • To move the selected elevator floor down, click .
    • To modify the selected elevator floor, click .
    The Floor properties dialog box lets you do the following:
    • Change the floor name.
    • Assign an output relay to the push button corresponding to that floor.
      Use the appropriate NO or NC relay contacts on the unit, according to output relay settings configured in the Advanced tab.
      NOTE: The output relay state can be inverted according to your regulatory requirements.
    • (Optional) Assign an input for floor tracking.
    NOTE: On an access control unit dedicated to elevator control, all inputs can be used for floor tracking except for the door monitor inputs.
  7. Link cameras to the elevator cabin and to each elevator floor.
  8. Click Apply.