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To prevent a sudden stop of video archiving, you should regularly monitor how much disk space you have left.

What you should know

Too many protected video files on a disk can deplete the storage space available for new video files. When regularly checking your disk space, you should also check the percentage of protected video files on each disk.

Tip: You can create an event-to-action to alert you when an Archiver or Auxiliary Archiver is running out of disk space, or has stopped archiving.


  1. Open the Video task, and select the Archiver or Auxiliary Archiver role.
  2. Click the Resources tab, and then click Statistics ().
  3. In the Statistics dialog box, click Refresh () to see the latest information.
    NOTE: Information in the Statistics dialog box does not refresh automatically. If information is displayed, the Last update timestamp shows when that information was last updated.
  4. In the Statistics dialog box, check the following statistics:
    Available Space
    Disk space available for video archives.
    Average disk usage
    Average space used per day (first line) and average space used per camera per day (second line).
    Estimated remaining recording time
    Number of days, hours, and minutes of recording time left based on the average disk usage and the current load.
    Active cameras
    Number of cameras that are currently active.
    Archiving cameras
    Number of cameras for which archiving is enabled.
  5. Select a disk group, and click the () icon to open Protected video files statistics.
    The pie chart indicates the status of video files on the disk, as follows:
    Percentage of video files on the disk that are currently protected.
    Protection ending
    Percentage of video files on the disk that a user has decided to unprotect. When a user selects to remove protection from a video file, the Archiver waits 24 hours before removing protection from the file. During this time, the status indicates Protection ending.
    Percentage of video files on the disk that are not protected.

After you finish

If the disk is getting full, consider checking the video archives for videos that you can delete. You can also configure the Archiver settings to free up as much disk space as possible.