Moving Mercury and Honeywell controllers to different Synergis™ units - Security Center 5.9

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If you want a different Synergis™ unit to manage your Mercury and Honeywell controllers, you can move the controllers in Config Tool, using the Move to a different unit button, instead of deleting and re-adding them.

What you should know

Moving controllers from one Synergis™ unit to another can be useful in staging scenarios where you have enrolled controllers under one unit, and then want to move them to another unit after it is set up.
  • The Synergis™ units can be under different Access Manager roles.
  • The Access Manager roles, Synergis™ units, and controllers can be offline.


  1. From the home page, open the Access control task, and click the Roles and units view.
  2. In the entity tree, expand the Access Manager, and click the access control unit of the controller.
  3. Click the Peripherals tab, and select the controller you want to move.
  4. Click Move to a different unit ().
    The Select destination unit dialog box opens.
  5. Click the access control unit you want the controller moved to, and then click OK.


The controller and all its child entities are moved under the selected Synergis™ unit.