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Security Center Administrator Guide 5.9

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Security Center supports multiple entities with the same name. If a cardholder already exists in Security Center with the same first and last name combination as one being imported, only the first matching cardholder found in the Security Center will be updated (for example, with a new description from the imported CSV file).

If there are two cardholder groups with the same name (for example, created in two different partitions) and an imported cardholder is assigned to one of these cardholder groups, the cardholder will be assigned to the first cardholder group found. The same logic also applies to partitions.

If the same cardholder is imported twice, each time with a different cardholder group, in the end, the cardholder will belong to both cardholder groups. Again, the same logic applies to partitions.

However, the association between cardholders and credentials might be treated differently, depending on whether the credential is part of the cardholder key or not.

If the cardholder key is only composed of the cardholder’s first and last names. The result of importing the following CSV file is the creation of a new cardholder: First name = Joe, Last name = Dalton, Email =, and with two card credentials (12/555 and 12/556).
First name Last name Facility code Card number Email
Joe Dalton 12 555
Joe Dalton 12 556

However, if the credential is also part of the cardholder key, the same CSV file will generate two separate cardholders with the same first name, last name and email address.