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Using a web browser, you can open Server Admin on any server in your system and then change the settings of any server in your system.

Before you begin

To log on to a server in your system using Server Admin, you must know the server’s DNS name or IP address, the web server port, and the server password. The server password is specified during Security Center Server installation, and is the same for all servers in your system.

What you should know

Regardless of which expansion server you try to connect to, Server Admin always redirects you to the main server, if the following conditions are met:
  • The expansion server is connected to the main server.
  • The expansion server and the main server are running the same version (X.Y) of Security Center.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • In the address bar of your web browser, type http://computer:port/Genetec, where computer is the hostname or the IP address of your server, and port is the web server port specified during the Security Center expansion server installation.

      You can omit the web server port if you are using the default value (80).

    • If connecting to Server Admin from the local host, double-click Genetec™ Server Admin () in the Genetec Security Center folder in the Windows Start menu.
    NOTE: If you are connecting to a remote server, Server Admin always uses a secure connection (HTTPS). If your server is using a self-signed certificate, the browser warns you that your connection is unsafe. If you get the warning message, ignore it and proceed with the unsafe connection.
  2. Enter the server password that you set during the server installation, and click Log on.
    The Server Admin Overview page appears.