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As the system administrator, you need to create an area view structure that is easy for everyone to understand and navigate.

What you should know

You can re-organize the entities in the area view by dragging them to another area, selecting multiple entities at once and drag them to another area, renaming entities, and copying entities. You can also create and delete entities.
NOTE: You cannot edit the names of federated entities.

The way you structure the area view in Config Tool is also how it is displayed in Security Desk.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Area view task.
    NOTE: The area view task in Config Tool is the only place where you can change the area view structure. Do not confuse this administrative task with the area view tab found in most investigation tasks available in Security Desk.
  2. To move entities under another area, do one of the following:
    • Select an area or entity, and then drag it to a different area.
    • Hold the Shift key, select multiple entities, and then drag them to a different area.

    The selected entities are now a child entities of that area (below that area in the hierarchy).

  3. To rename an entity, select the entity, press F2, type a new name, and press ENTER.
    Tip: You can rename any entity from the area view of any task as long as you have the administrative privilege to modify that entity.
  4. To copy an entity into another area, hold the Ctrl key, and then drag the entity into that area.

    A copy of the entity is created under the area. If you copied an area under another area, all its child entities (entities below that area) are also copied.

  5. If necessary, create new areas for grouping entities.
  6. If necessary, delete entities.