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This section lists the settings found in Overtime rule configuration tabs, in the ALPR task.

Overtime rule - Properties tab

In the Properties tab, you can configure the parking regulations enforced by this overtime rule.
Assign a color to the overtime rule. When you select the overtime rule in Genetec Patroller™, the plate reads on the map, and the hit screen, are displayed in this color.
Vehicle parking position
This setting tells the Genetec Patroller™ which set of calibrated parameters to use for the optimal reading of wheel images, based on the parking position of the vehicles: Parallel or Angled (45-degree).
Long term overtime
Use this option for long term parking, where vehicles can park in the same spot for over 24 hours. When Long term overtime is selected, the parking time limit is specified in days (2 to 5 days).
Parking enforcement
Type of restricted parking area that applies to the time limit:
Same position.
A vehicle is parked overtime if it parks in the same spot beyond the time limit specified.
A vehicle is parked overtime if it is parked anywhere within a city district (a geographical area) beyond the specified time limit.
Block face (2 sides)
A vehicle is parked overtime if it is parked on both sides of a road between two intersections beyond the specified time limit.
Defines parameters of the parking time limit:
Time limit
Enter how long in hours and minutes a vehicle is allowed to park.
Grace period
Add extra time beyond the Time limit before raising an overtime hit. For example, if you set a 10 minute time limit, and a 5 minute grace period, Genetec Patroller™ will raise a hit after 15 minutes.
Applicable days
Select which days to enforce the Time limit.
Applicable hours
Select what time of day to enforce the Time limit.

Overtime rule - Zones tab

In the Zones tab, you can configure the parking area where this overtime rule must be enforced. The Parking lot tab displays a map, on which you can add a parking lot, define the number of spaces in the lot, and then draw a polygon on top of the map to represent the physical parking lot. The number of spaces in the lot is used to calculate the percentage of parking occupancy in that area. This information is used in the Zone occupancy report in Security Desk.
NOTE: You can add multiple lots to a map.