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Fusion stream encryption impacts the performance of the Archiver and the Security Desk workstations. You may need to reevaluate the type and number of machines you need if you plan on enabling this feature.

Encryption impact on Archiver performance

The first encryption certificate enabled on the Archiver reduces the capacity of the Archiver by 30%. Each additional encryption certificate applied to all cameras further reduces the Archiver capacity by 4%.

For example, on an Archiver that supports 300 cameras without encryption:

Number of certificates enabled Number of supported cameras
0 encryption certificates (no encryption) 300 cameras
1 encryption certificate 210 cameras
5 encryption certificates 178 cameras
10 encryption certificates 145 cameras
20 encryption certificates 96 cameras
Best Practice: Do not exceed 20 encryption certificates per Archiver.

Encryption impact on workstation performance

Video encryption can increase the CPU usage by up to 40% when viewing low-resolution video (CIF). The impact becomes less noticeable as the resolution of the video increases, because much more processing power is spent on decoding the video than on decrypting the video. The impact on performance becomes unnoticeable when viewing HD and Ultra-HD video.