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This section lists the settings found in Permit restriction configuration tabs, in the ALPR task.

Permit restriction - Properties tab

In the Properties tab, you can configure the restrictions for the individual permits that apply to the parking area represented by the rule.
Color used to represent the permit restriction in Security Desk. In Genetec Patroller™, permit restrictions are always green for regular permit hits, or blue for shared permit hits. A read is displayed as a triangular-shaped icon in the selected color on the map, when an permit restriction is in effect. When a read violates one of the restrictions, the icon is encircled with a red ring. It indicates a permit hit.
The permits the time restriction applies to.
Parking is available to everyone, regardless of whether they have a permit or not. No restriction is enforced during the specified time period. This restriction is used with other restrictions as a temporary override. For example, if a university is hosting a football game, parking would be made available to everyone during the game instead of specific permit holders.
No permit
Only vehicles without permits can park. For example, you can use this type of restriction to reserve a zone for visitors parking. A plate read that matches any of the permits downloaded to the Genetec Patroller™ raises a hit.
All permits
Only vehicles with a permit can park. A plate read that does not match any of the permits downloaded to the Genetec Patroller™ raises a hit.
Specific permits
Only vehicles having one or more of the specified permits can park. A plate read that does not match any of the specified permits raises a hit.
Days of the week when parking is allowed.
Time during the day when parking is allowed.
Dates when parking is allowed.

Permit restriction - Zones tab

In the Zones tab, you can configure the parking area where this overtime rule must be enforced. The Parking lot tab displays a map, on which you can add a parking lot, define the number of spaces in the lot, and then draw a polygon on top of the map to represent the physical parking lot. The number of spaces in the lot is used to calculate the percentage of parking occupancy in that area. This information is used in the Zone occupancy report in Security Desk.
NOTE: You can add multiple lots to a map.