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Before you can add an HID unit in Security Center, you must know its IP address and login credentials. To find this information, you can use the Unit enrollment tool.

What you should know

HID VertX (V1000, V2000), and Edge devices are IP devices that can acquire their network address automatically when your network has a DHCP server. If no DHCP server is present on your network, you must assign a static IP configuration to the unit (recommended).

To change the unit's initial IP configuration if necessary, you can use the HID Discovery GUI. For more information about the HID Discovery GUI, see your HID documentation.

For more information about initial HID hardware setup, see the HID device documentation in the Documentation\Controllers folder of your Security Center installation package, or download the documentation from


  1. Discover the access control units on your network.
  2. If the HID unit you want is not found, disconnect your workstation’s network cable and plug it directly into the HID unit. For PoE units, such as Edge or Edge EVO, connect your laptop and unit to a standalone switch.
    The address is the factory-assigned default address for every HID device. Even if the unit has been configured with an IP configuration, it still listens on this address for possible troubleshooting needs.

  3. Type in your web browser.
  4. To log on, enter the default username (root) and password (pass).
    NOTE: The web interface for EVO units can only be accessed with the admin account. By default, the password is blank. Change it after changing the IP settings. To enroll the unit into Security Center, you must use root/pass.
  5. In the Basic Setup page, assign the device’s IP configuration.
    If no DNS server is present on your network, you must use the unit’s own IP address for the Primary DNS Server value, and the Basic Central Station’s IP address should be set to the IP address of your Security Center server running the Access Manager role.
  6. (Optional) Click Change Login Password, and then change the password.
    Changing the password applies to the admin user not the root user.
  7. Click Submit.


The new IP configuration is applied to the unit and it restarts. You can now add the unit in Security Center.