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Before you replace an access control unit with a new one, there are steps you must perform.

Before you begin

You can only replace an access control unit with a new one if the two are of the same brand and model. The only exception to this rule is if you are replacing an HID VertX V1000 unit with a Synergis™ unit. In every case, the exact same interface modules (brand and model) must be connected to the new unit. If there is any difference other than the mentioned exception, the unit replacement will not be accepted.


  1. Back up the unit's configuration files:
  2. Physically disconnect the old unit and make sure it is offline in Security Center ().
  3. Install the new unit:
  4. (For non-Mercury EP or LP integrations) Physically disconnect the interface modules from the old unit and connect them to the new unit using the exact same channels.
    IMPORTANT: Do not change the physical addresses of the interface modules.
  5. (Optional) If you are using a non-Mercury EP or LP integration with an existing backup of the configuration files, restore the backup from the old unit.
    The backup file includes hardware settings and supervised input values. The admin password, network settings and Synergis™ key store are not restored.
  6. Configure and add the unit:
  7. In Access Control > Roles and units, select the old access control unit.
  8. Under the Properties tab, change the IP address to an unused address.
    NOTE: Changing the IP address of the old unit prevents conflicts when using the unit replacement tool to swap units.

After you finish

Replace the old unit with the new one.