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Privilege templates are predefined privilege configurations, based on standard security personnel profiles, that you can apply to users and user groups to simplify the creation process. Once applied, you can fine tune the privileges manually.

You cannot rename, modify, create, or delete privilege templates, but you can apply them at any time. You can freely modify the privilege settings after a privilege template is applied to a user or user group.
Best Practice: Create one user group for each privilege template if necessary. After your model user groups are created, users can inherit privileges from them.

Types of privilege templates

Security Centerprovides the following privilege templates:
This template only grants the privileges to run Security Desk and to execute the most basic reporting tasks, excluding those for AutoVu™ ALPR. A user with this set of privileges alone cannot view any video, control any physical devices, or report incidents.
This template is for security operators who need to monitor real time events in the system. It grants them the privileges to use the Monitoring task, view video, manage visitors, credentials, and badge templates, add bookmarks and incidents, save snapshots, unlock doors, and so on.
This template is for investigators. It grants the privileges to use the Monitoring task, view video, control PTZ cameras, record and export video, add bookmarks and incidents, use investigation tasks, manage alarms and visitors, override door unlock schedules, save tasks, and so on.
This template is for people who have supervisory responsibilities. It grants the same privileges as the Investigator template, plus the privileges to use maintenance tasks, manage cardholders and credentials, modify custom fields, set threat levels, block cameras, and perform people counting.
This template is for the system installer. It grants almost all configuration privileges, with only a few exceptions (managing roles, macros, users, user groups, custom events, activity trails, threat levels, and audio files).
Basic AutoVu™ Operator
This template is for security operators using AutoVu™ ALPR. It grants them privileges to use ALPR tasks, configure ALPR entities, create ALPR rules, monitor ALPR events, and so on.
Patroller user
This template is for Genetec Patroller™ users.