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If an access control unit fails, you can replace it with a new, compatible unit. This process copies over the configuration settings; associations to doors, elevators, and zones; and event logs to the new unit.

What you should know

Replacing your access control unit requires that you temporarily deactivate the Access Manager role.
Not all settings are copied by the Unit replacement tool. If you were using supervised inputs on the old unit, you will have to reconfigure the inputs on the new unit.


  1. Temporarily deactivate the Access Manager role.
    1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Access control task, and click the Roles and units view.
    2. Right-click the Access Manager role, and click Maintenance > Deactivate role ().
    3. In the confirmation dialog box that opens, click Continue.
      The Access Manager and all the access control units controlled by the role turn red.
  2. Click the home page, click Tools > Unit replacement.
    The Unit replacement dialog box opens.
  3. In the Unit type option, select Access control units.
  4. Select the Old and the New access control units.
  5. Click Swap.
    (V1000 to Synergis™ only) If the V1000 had subpanels (interface modules) using the same physical address, link the V1000 sides to the Synergis™ unit channels, and click Continue.
    The configuration settings of the old access control unit are copied to the new one.
  6. Reactivate the Access Manager role:
    1. Open the Access control task, right-click the Access Manager role, and click Maintenance > Activate role ().
  7. In the area view, select the new unit, and verify that the configuration settings are all correct.
  8. Verify that all doors controlled by the new unit are operating properly.
  9. Right-click the old unit, and click Delete ().
  10. In the confirmation dialog box that opens, click Continue.

After you finish

If the inputs on the old unit were supervised, reconfigure them on the new unit.