Replacing fixed Sharp units - Security Center 5.9

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Security Center 5.9
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You can replace a fixed Sharp unit without losing any of its associated plate reads by swapping the connection parameters of the old unit with a new unit.

Before you begin

In Security Desk, run a Reads report and a Hits report on the Sharp unit you want to replace. You need these reports to verify that the data has been transferred to the new Sharp unit.


  1. Add the new Sharp entity in the ALPR Manager.
    NOTE: The name you use for the new entity is not important. At the end of the camera replacement procedure, the connection parameters of the entities will be switched and you will delete the entity you are adding now.
  2. Copy the configuration settings of the old Sharp entity to the new Sharp entity using the Copy configuration tool.
  3. Power down the old Sharp unit.
  4. In Config Tool, click Tools > Unit replacement.
  5. In the Unit type option, select ALPR units.
  6. Select the Old and the New Sharp units.
  7. Click Swap.
    When the Sharp unit has been replaced, the system displays the message: "The operation was successful". The connection parameters of the new Sharp unit are now associated with the reads and hits from the old Sharp unit.
  8. Verify that the reads and hits are still associated with the old Sharp entity by running a Security Center Reads report and a Hits report. Compare these reports to the ones you ran before the swap operation to ensure that the data has been successfully transferred.
  9. The Sharp entities have been swapped in Security Center. The old Sharp unit now has the new entity name and is displayed in the ALPR Manager with the message: "Delete me". Right-click the Sharp entity and select Delete. In the confirmation dialog box that opens, click Delete.