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On a large scale deployment, Security Center can federate thousands of independent remote systems. However, there are hardware and software limitations you must consider.

The number of Federation™ roles you can host on a single server depends on the following:
  • Type of Federation™ roles you are hosting.
  • Number of Federation™ roles you are hosting.
  • Type of computer running the Genetec™ Server service. For the minimum, recommended, and high performance requirements for client workstations, see Security Center 5.9 client workstation requirements.

Federation™ role groups

When a large number of Federation™ roles are hosted on the same server, they must be divided into multiple role groups. All roles belonging to the same role group are executed by the same process on the same machine. There is a limit to the number of roles a single process can handle.

The following table helps determine how many role groups you need on your server.
NOTE: These calculations assume that each federated system (Omnicast™ or Security Center system) has 150 cameras or doors.
Role type Number of Federation™ roles supported on a single server
  Single role group (Any hardware profile) Multiple role groups(Low and Medium capacity hardware profiles) Multiple role groups (High capacity hardware profile)
Omnicast™ Federation™ 40 Contact Genetec™ Technical Assistance. 100
Security Center Federation™ 100 Contact Genetec™ Technical Assistance. 500

If a single role group can have up to 40 Omnicast™Federation™ roles, a high capacity computer hosting 100 Omnicast™Federation™ roles requires three separate role groups. A high capacity computer hosting 500 Security Center Federation™ roles requires five separate role groups.

You want to federate 250 Omnicast™sites, using one Omnicast™ Federation™ role per site. You can divide your sites as follows:
Server A
40 Omnicast™ sites (role group 1) + 40 Omnicast™ sites (role group 2) + 20 Omnicast™ sites (role group 3) = 100 Omnicast™ sites.
Server B
40 Omnicast™ sites (role group 1) + 40 Omnicast™ sites (role group 2) + 20 Omnicast™ sites (role group 3) = 100 Omnicast™ sites.
Server C
40 Omnicast™ sites (role group 1) + 10 Omnicast™ sites (role group 2) = 50 Omnicast™ sites.