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When motion is detected on a motion zone, you can select which event is triggered when the motion period starts, and which one is triggered when it stops.

What you should know

The default events that are triggered when motion detection is generated are the following:
Motion on
Default event triggered at the beginning of the motion period.
Motion off
Default event triggered at the end of the motion period.

Using custom events is useful when you have multiple motion zones. Each zone can be configured to detect motion in a different area of the camera’s field of view and generate different events. Having different events allows you to program different actions to respond to different situations.


  1. Open the Video task.
  2. Select the camera to configure, and click the Motion detection tab.
  3. Under Motion zone 1, click Events.
  4. In the Motion events dialog box, select which events will be triggered for the Motion on event and the Motion off event.
  5. Click OK, and then click Apply.
  6. If you have more than one motion zone configured, repeat the steps for each zone.