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Security Center Administrator Guide 5.9

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Security Center 5.9
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The Server Admin - Overview page shows your Security Center license information, and the common settings (Watchdog, Connection, SMTP) that apply to all servers in your system.

Dashboard (top left)

The dashboard indicates the status (=ready, =getting ready, =not ready) of your system at all times, for the following components:
Directory database. Click to go to the Directory database configuration section.
Directory role. Click to start, stop, or restart the Directory role.
Security Center license. Click to activate the license or display the license details.

Servers (left pane)

List of all servers found on your system (only if you are connected to the main server). Click a server from the list to display its configuration page.
The status and function of each server is indicated as follows:
Primary Directory server (main server).
Secondary Directory server.
No icon
Expansion server.
The server is up.
The server is down.
The server has problems.


Security Center license status and information.
Package name
Software package name.
Date when your license expires.
System ID
Your System ID number.
Company name
Name of your company.
Genetec Advantage ID
ID of your Genetec™ Lifecycle Management (GLM) contract. If you did not purchase a GLM contract, this field will not be set.
Security Center subscription expiration
Expiry date of your Genetec™ Lifecycle Management (GLM) contract.
Click to activate or modify your Security Center license.
Click to view the details of your Security Center license.


Use this section to configure the Genetec™ Watchdog service. The role of the Watchdog is to ensure that the Genetec™ Server service is always running.
Server port
Communication port between the Watchdog and the server.
Send email on
Send email notifications from the Watchdog to a list of recipients for Error, Warning, and Information events.
Security Center users who receive the Watchdog emails.

Connection settings

Use this section to configure the connection settings to Server Admin.
Local machine only
Enable this option to restrict the Server Admin connections to the local machine.
Log on password for Server Admin.


Use this section to configure the SMTP server responsible for handling email messages in Security Center.
Server address
DNS name or IP address of your SMTP mail server.
Server port
The server port is usually 25, though your mail server might use a different port.
“From” email address
Email address shown as the sender of the email when the system needs to email a health notification through the Genetec™ Watchdog service, or email a message or report through an event-to-action.
NOTE: This email address does not need to be real; it is only used to identify your system as the sender.
Use SSL connection
Enable secure communication with the mail server.
Requires authentication
Enable this option if your mail server requires authentication. If so, you need to enter a username and password.
Send test email
To validate your SMTP configuration, enter a valid email address to send a test email to.
NOTE: The test email is configured to be sent to the “From” email address by default.