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Security Center 5.9
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You share an entity by adding it to a global partition. This can be done from both the sharing host or the sharing guest. You can also create a new entity directly in a global partition.

What you should know

A global entity is an entity that is shared across multiple independent Security Center systems by virtue of its membership to a global partition. Only cardholders, cardholder groups, credentials, and badge templates are eligible for sharing.


  1. Open the Access control task, and select the Cardholders and credentials view.
  2. If the partitions are hidden, click Show partitions ()
  3. Select the global partition you want to share it from, and click the Properties tab.
  4. Under the Members section, click Add ().
  5. In the Search dialog box that appears, pick the entity you want to share, and click Select.

    On the sharing guest, only cardholders, cardholder groups, credentials, and badge templates can be added to a global partition.


On the sharing host, the effect of this action is immediately visible. On a sharing guest, the newly shared entity does not appear until after a synchronization is performed on their GSC role.