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HID Global has two product lines. The newer product line is called EVO, and the older one is called Legacy. There are two product families in each product line: VertX and Edge. Products from different families cannot mix. Security Center supports them all.

About HID controllers

The Access Manager communicates directly with HID controllers over an IP network. Therefore, all HID controllers are called access control units in Security Center.

Platform differences between EVO and Legacy

Characteristics EVO Legacy
Processor / Speed ARM9 / 200 Mips ETRAX / 100 Mips
RAM 64 MB 32 MB
Operating system Linux 2.6 Linux 2.4
Secure shell and protocol Yes No
Maximum event buffer 99,999 5,000


On a Card and PIN door controlled by an HID Edge EVO unit, if a host lookup is necessary (an unknown credential is entered and the unit must query the Access Manager before making a decision), the cardholder must wait a few seconds after presenting their card, before entering their PIN. Entering the PIN too quickly might result in a denied access because the first few digits of the PIN might not have been registered by the unit.