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This section describes the supported HID access control unit configurations in Security Center.

General vs. dedicated inputs

When a controller is used to control a door, some inputs must be used only for their intended purpose (dedicated inputs). For example, if a door has a REX sensor or a door sensor, the controller's inputs intended for these sensors must be used.
Input When used as Required configuration
Request-to-Exit Request-to-Exit input signal.
  • Set Unlock on REX to ON in the Door > Properties tab to generate Request to exit events when the input is triggered. Events are logged, and can be used for event-to-actions.
  • Assign the REX input to a door side in the Door > Hardware tab to program the controller to react to the REX input by releasing the lock.
  General purpose input (for zone monitoring for example)
  • Set Unlock on REX to OFF in the Door > Properties tab.
  • Configure the input for a zone, interlock, etc.
Door monitor Door position sensor input (door open or door closed)
  • Assign this input to the Door sensor in the Door > Hardware tab.
    NOTE: This input cannot be used for any other purpose.

HID door configuration with readers

A door with a reader assigned to a V2000, V100, or an Edge device, must have all inputs (for example door contact, REX) and outputs (for example door lock) associated to that same device. Inputs and outputs must not be distributed across several devices.

HID door configuration with two door sensors

It is not recommended to configure a door with two door sensors (or door contacts) without physically wiring the sensors in series. In the Security Center, only a single door sensor should be configured per door.