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(Only visible to users with the Access GUS web page privilege) To help you monitor and update your Security Center products with the Genetec™ Update Service (GUS), the Updates page provides access to the GUS application from Config Tool.

GUS is automatically installed with Security Center. You can use GUS to do the following:

  • Update your Genetec™ products when a new release becomes available.
  • Check for updates at regular intervals.
  • Download update packages in the background. Updates must be manually installed.
  • See when the system was last checked for updates.
  • Automatically refresh the license in the background to ensure it is valid and the expiration date is updated.
    NOTE: Applies to subscription systems only.
  • Enable various features, such as the Genetec™ Improvement Program.
  • Review your firmware versions, get notified of vulnerabilities or recommended upgrades, and download firmware updates as recommended by Security Center.
  • Automatically update the license after a major Security Center upgrade.

For more information about using GUS, see About the Genetec™ Update Service.