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Security Center 5.9
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To test if an alarm that you just created works, you can trigger it manually from Config Tool, and make sure that you receive it in Security Desk.

Before you begin

Log on to Security Desk as one of the alarm recipients.

What you should know

You can configure the Alarm monitoring task in Security Desk to open automatically when an alarm is triggered.


  1. In Config Tool, open the Alarms task.
  2. Click the Alarms view, and select the alarm to test.
  3. In the toolbar at the bottom of the workspace, click Trigger alarm ().

    The alarm should appear in the Security Desk notification tray, and in the alarm list in the Alarm monitoring task.

  4. If the Alarm monitoring task does not open automatically, double-click the alarm icon () in the Security Desk notification tray.
  5. In the Alarm monitoring task, make sure the alarm appears in the alarm list.

After you finish

If you did not receive the alarm, then you can troubleshoot the alarm.