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To quickly safeguard your video archives before a major operation such as a software upgrade or server replacement, you can move video archives on demand without creating a transfer group.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Video task, and click the Archive transfer view.
  2. At the bottom of the window, click Transfer now.
  3. In the Transfer group properties dialog box, select the type of transfer you want to perform:
    Backup video archives from an Archiver to a G64x file.
    Duplicate archives
    Copy video archives from one Archiver to another.
  4. In the Sources section, click Add an item (), select the cameras or Archivers you want, and then click Add.
    When a camera is selected as a source, the transfer will include associated video from all Archivers.
    Tip: Hold Ctrl or Shift to select multiple cameras or Archivers.
  5. For Duplicate archives, select an Archiver to receive the video from the Destination drop-down list.
  6. For Time range, set the start and end time of the video archives to transfer.
  7. Under Data, select All to transfer everything since the last successful transfer, or Specific to transfer specific sequences based on event filters.
  8. If you select Specific, select the type of data to transfer:
    Transfer video segments related to alarm events. The record of the alarm itself is not transferred.
    Transfer video segments that contain bookmarks.
    Input triggers
    Transfer video segments that contain input events.
    Motion events
    Transfer video segments recorded between Motion on and Motion off events. This option only applies to unit motion detection.
    Protected video
    Transfer video segments that are protected.
    Video analytics events
    Transfer video segments that contain video analytics events.
    Time range
    Transfer video segments recorded during a specific period. You can specify a time range or a relative time range, such as the last n days, hours, or minutes.
  9. Event-based transfer only: If you selected specific data, specify how many seconds of video should be transferred before and after the event occurs.
    If you select the Motion events filter, this setting indicates how many seconds of video preceding the Motion on event, and how many seconds of video following the Motion off event are included in the transfer.
  10. Click Start.
    The archive transfer begins immediately.