Troubleshooting: HID unit discovery and enrollment issues - Security Center 5.9

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If you cannot discover or enroll an HID access control unit, there are some common troubleshooting steps you can use to try and resolve the issues.


  1. Make sure that the computers Config Tool and Access Manager are running on are behind a firewall.
    For legacy units and EVO units running firmware earlier than version 3.7, you must unblock ports 4050 TCP and 4070 UDP. Use port 4433 for EVO units running in secure mode with firmware 3.7 and later.
  2. Make sure that all Synergis™-specific ports are opened and unblocked.
  3. Make sure the HID VertX extension has been added to the Access Manager in Config Tool.
  4. Validate that the HID VertX extension is properly loaded in the Access Manager, as follows:
    1. To open a console session to the Access Manager, open a web browser, and go to the URL http://(server name or IP)/Genetec/console.
      NOTE: If you cannot connect to the console ensure that console access is enabled in the Server Admin , under the Genetec™ Server tab.
    2. Click the Commands tab at the top of the page.
    3. Under the column User Commands on the left, expand Access Manager and click Status.
    4. A status query is sent to the Access Manager and the response contains the extensions that are loaded.
    5. Ensure that the following line is shown in the status results: HID VertX:4070 = X units.
  5. Check if the unit has a static IP address.
  6. If the unit’s IP address is static, you must set the DNS, or the unit might have issues enrolling or connecting.
    1. To access the HID Configuration GUI, enter the unit’s IP address in a web browser.
    2. In the HID Configuration GUI, set the primary and secondary DNS to the appropriate values.
      If you do not know your network’s DNS, set the unit’s own IP address as the primary and secondary DNS server.
  7. Make sure there are no other applications blocking the ports needed by the HID units:
    1. Stop the Access Manager.
    2. In Windows, click Start > Run, and type cmd to open the Command Prompt, and then run netstat -na.