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To connect Map Manager to a web tile server, the server URL must adhere to the supported format.

URL format for web tile servers

The Map Manager supports the following URL format for web tile servers:
The URL components are as follows:
URL element Description Mandatory
Server The root URL of the Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) resource. Yes
Version The version of the WMTS standard: for example, 1.0.0.  
Layer The map layer.  
Style The style of the map layer, usually default.  
{z}/{x}/{y} The zoom factor {z}, X position {x}, and Y position {y} variables that are part of the WMTS standard. These values are calculated automatically when you view the map in Security Center. Yes
FileType The format of the file, usually JPEG or PNG format. Yes

For a list of supported values, see the capabilities document of the server.


URL format for OpenStreetMap

If you are connecting Map Manager to a web tile server provided by the OpenStreetMap Foundation, use the following URL format:

Where the Server is the URL of the OpenStreetMap server and FileType is the format of the file.