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Unit password management is the set of features enabled by the Unit Assistant role that makes it possible for you to safely and securely update the passwords of all your video units from a central location.

With the Unit Assistant role, you can change the passwords from Security Center and apply them to the video units. The password change requests are relayed to the Archiver roles responsible for the units, so the workload is distributed. A successful password change request must pass the following tests: (1) connection with the new password must succeed, and (2) connection with the old password must fail.

All password related operations are controlled by privileges and must be performed from Config Tool. The last five password change requests for every unit are kept, encrypted, in the Unit Assistant database. Should you lose your passwords for any reason, contact Genetec™ Technical Assistance Center.

Supported password operations

  • Change passwords individually on each unit, from the unit Properties page (requires the Update video unit password privilege)
    NOTE: Passwords can be manually entered or system generated. We recommend using system-generated passwords because they are more secure. The system always uses the highest password complexity supported by the manufacturers.
  • View and export unit passwords from the Hardware inventory task (requires the View/export unit passwords privilege)
  • Update unit passwords in batches from the Hardware inventory task (requires the Update video unit password privilege)
  • Execute the Update unit password action from scheduled tasks and event-to-actions

Supported video unit models

Only certain models of video units support the password update feature from Config Tool. For the list of manufacturers that support this feature, see Manufacturers that support password update.

Best practices for password management

  • Use HTTPS whenever it is possible.
  • Track password change and export operations with the Actvity trails report.

    Enable the Unit password changed and Unit passwords exported options in Config Tool > System > General settings > Activity trails, under the General category.

  • Always export the unit passwords from the Hardware inventory task after password updates. This ensures that you have a copy of the passwords if you ever need to connect to the units through their web portals.
  • Always export the unit passwords when all the units are online. This ensures that all current working passwords are captured in the export.
  • Include the Unit Assistant database in your backup procedure. This ensures that your latest password change requests are backed up in the event of a problem.
  • Always test this feature on a few units before applying it to a large batch of units of the same brand and model.
  • Changing a unit password causes a short recording interruption because the Archiver must disconnect and reconnect to the unit. Therefore, choose a time of day that least disrupts your operations to perform this task.