Updating map objects imported from AutoCAD - Security Center 5.9

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Security Center 5.9
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If you update the AutoCAD file used to import map objects to your map, you can resynchronize your map with the updated AutoCAD file without having to recreate the map.

What you should know

You can add, move, and delete the map objects imported from an AutoCAD file by resynchronizing the map with the updated AutoCAD file.


  1. Open the Map Designer task and select the map that you want to update.
  2. Click Map > Synchronize entities from AutoCAD.
  3. Click Select file, then select the AutoCAD file you want to import from, and click Open.
    A thumbnail of the AutoCAD image is shown.
  4. Click Next.
    The entities flagged for synchronization are listed. Expand each group to see whether map objects are going to be modified, added, or removed. Clear a group of changes to exclude them from the synchronization.
  5. (Optional) Click Import, Add (), or Remove () to change the list of entities you want to synchronize.
  6. Click Synchronize.
  7. If you have entities to be removed in your list, confirm by clicking Yes.


The map objects on your map are updated.