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You can upgrade the firmware or maintenance updates of one or more access control units directly from Config Tool. The platform version refers to updates such as cumulative security rollups, which are periodic releases of security fixes and updates.

Before you begin

Upgrading your access control unit requires the following:
  • Verify the upgrade path for the unit you want to upgrade.
  • Ensure that Power over Ethernet (PoE) units include a battery backup in case of a power failure during the upgrade process.
  • Download a supported firmware version or cumulative security rollup for the unit from GTAP.

    For HID EVO firmware download links, see HID firmware upgrade procedure for EVO units on the Genetec™ TechDoc Hub.

  • For HID EVO units, ensure that the Admin password is set in Config Tool under the unit's properties.

What you should know

The following conditions must be met for the Upgrade button to be displayed:
  • All the units you want to upgrade are of the same product type.
  • None of the units are appliances.
  • None of the units have a scheduled firmware upgrade pending.​
  • None of the units are federated​.
  • You have the Upgrade access control units and the Unit enrollment user privileges.
  • The Access Manager role is not in backward compatibility mode​.


  1. In Config Tool, generate a hardware inventory report for the units you want to upgrade.
  2. Select the units that you want to upgrade.
    The Proposed firmware version field displays the recommended firmware version. If the firmware version is the same as the proposed version, it will display Up to date.
  3. Click Upgrade (), and select one of the following:
    • To upgrade the firmware, select Upgrade firmware.
    • To install a cumulative security rollup, select Upgrade platform.
  4. In the file browser, select the firmware or cumulative security rollup file that you downloaded from GTAP, and click Open.
  5. (Optional) To delay the upgrade, click Advanced options, and select Delay upgrade until, and enter the upgrade date and time.
  6. Click Upgrade.
    NOTE: Individual units can also be upgraded in the Access control task in Config Tool from the unit's Identity page in the Roles and units view.

    The system upgrades the access control units' firmware or platform version and the units restart.

After you finish

  • When the units return online, generate another Hardware inventory report in Config Tool and confirm the firmware or platform version displayed for the units.
  • Verify that all doors controlled by the upgraded units operate properly.