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You configure the settings of the Web-based SDK role from the Roles view of the System task in Security Center Config Tool.

Web-based SDK - Properties tab

Click the Properties tab to configure what the external developers need to know to use the web services.
Port + Base URI
These two parameters are used to determine the address of the web service.

For example, with Port=4590 and Base URI=WebSdk, the web service address would be “http://<computer>:4590/WebSdk/”, where <computer> is the DNS name or public IP address of the server hosting the Web-based SDK role.

Streaming port
Port used to stream the events. You can configure which events to listen to.
Use SSL connection
Turn this option on (default=off) to use SSL encryption for communications with the web service. If you are using SSL encryption, the web service address uses https instead of http.
SSL settings
Settings required when you are using SSL encryption.
Name of the certificate to use. Use the form: “CN=NameOfTheCertificate”. The certificate must be registered in Windows. You can find procedures on the web on how to do just that.
Bind certificate to port
Turn this option on (default=off) to bind the certificate to the port. This operation does the same thing as you would normally do under Windows.

Web-based SDK - Resources tab

Click the Resources tab to configure the servers assigned to this role. The Web-based SDK role does not require a database.
Servers hosting this role.