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Offloading data from a vehicle system to Security Center can take time to complete. In the My offloads task, you can view queued, in-progress, and completed offloads, and easily launch new ones.

This task opens automatically when a data offload begins, and you can open it at any time.

The My offloads task shows a list of data offloads and their respective details.

You can filter for the following criteria to find the offloads you need:

  • AVL unit name
  • User who initiated the offload
  • Time period during which request was made
  • Auto refresh period
    NOTE: The shortest time period allowed for auto refresh is five seconds.
Tip: You can also manually refresh the list of offloads using the refresh () button.

The My Offloads task shows a list of data offloads and their respective details, listed below. It generates this list using a query of database data.

  • Offload queued
  • Offload status
  • Username
  • AVL unit
  • Start
  • End
  • Status
  • Failures

You can pause or cancel ongoing or queued data offloads and retry failed ones in the My offloads task.