Adding Cradlepoint routers as GPS data sources - Security Center Fleet Monitoring 2.3

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Before you can monitor GPS units in Security Center, you must add them to the plugin role. You can add GPS unit entities to Security Center using a Cradlepoint router as a push data source.

Before you begin

Configure the Vehicle Monitoring plugin to accept data sources.

What you should know

For instructions on configuring your specific router model, refer to the manufacturer's documentation.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Area view task.
  2. Click Add an entity and select GPS unit.
  3. From the Model list, select Data source, and enter an entity Name.
  4. Click the Properties tab. In the Data source section, enter a unique identifier for the data source.
    This identified is prefixed to each NMEA sentence sent from the router. If the router cannot prefix a unique identifier to the NMEA sentence, use the IP address of the router.
  5. From the router's configuration page, click System > Administration > GPS.
  6. Ensure that Enable GPS is selected, and click Save.
  7. In the Send to Servers section, click New entry, and configure the following settings:
    1. In the Client name field, enter Genetec Security Center (GSC).
    2. Enter the IP address and Port of the Security Center server running the Vehicle Monitoring plugin role.
    3. Ensure that Use UDP is selected.
  8. Click Next, and configure the following settings:
    1. Set the language to NMEA.
    2. Ensure that only the Prepend System ID and Report NMEW GGA sentences options are selected.
  9. Click Next and set the time interval for reporting data. The default is 10 seconds.
  10. Click Finish.

After you finish

  • From the router's configuration web page, click System > Administration > GPS, and ensure that the System Identifier field matches the identifier prefix you set for the GPS unit.
  • Confirm that the router's GPS fix is working. On the Cradlepoint NetCloud site, click Status > GPS, and verify that the router's location data is up to date.
  • Verify that your system is receiving data from your data source. In Security Desk, drag the GPS unit entity to a monitoring tile. Ensure that the entity is online and that the Current data section is up to date.