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Before you can monitor GPS units in Security Center, you must add them to the plugin role. You can add multiple GPS unit entities to Security Center using an auto-config method that uses an XML script. This process requires an external GPS device connected to a COM port on the in-vehicle server.

Before you begin

  • Install Security Center on a vehicle server.
  • Install the Vehicle Monitoring plugin on a vehicle server.
  • If you are using an embedded GPS, in Windows Device Manager, ensure the GPS Sensor is listed in the Sensors category.
  • If you are using an external GPS source, such as a router, make sure the router is configured to send NMEA data to the vehicle server.
  • In Windows Location Settings, confirm that location service is enabled.

What you should know

You can use auto-config to bulk add GPS units to Security Center and do the following:
  • Create areas and create GPS unit associated with those areas.
  • Add custom images to your area map.
  • Position cameras on an area's custom map
  • Add push data sources in the Security Center Vehicle Monitoring plugin.
  • Configure GPS metadata keys and values


  1. Physically connect the GPS devices and ensure that they are working properly.
  2. Download the following XML file HERE.
    NOTE: For more information on the fields listed in the XML file, see the following XSD file HERE.
  3. In your XML editing tool of choice, add the values you need for your GPS units to the necessary fields.
  4. After you have entered the information for each GPS unit you wish to add, copy the XML file to the installation folder of the GPS plugin.
  5. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  6. Right click the GPS plugin entity and click Deactivate role.
    A notification appears stating that the role is offline.
  7. Right click the GPS plugin entity and click Activate role.
    The GPS units are created.