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Before you can monitor GPS units in Security Center, you must add them to the plugin role. You can add GPS unit entities to Security Center using Icomera.

Before you begin

  • Install Security Center on a vehicle server.
  • Install the Vehicle Monitoring plugin on a vehicle server.
  • Ensure that Security Center has a geo-fenced map.
  • In Windows Device Manager, ensure the GPS Sensor is listed in the Sensors category.
  • In Windows Location Settings, confirm that location service is enabled.


  1. Ping the Icomera router's IP address.
  2. From your Web browser, access the Icomera API interface and ensure that you are receiving text replies.
  3. From the Config Tool home page, open the Area view task.
  4. Click Add an entity and select GPS unit.
  5. From the Model list, select Icomera, and then enter an entity Name.
    Tip: For better search indexing, it is a best practice to include the vehicle type and identification number in the entity name.
  6. Click the Icomera tab, and configure the URL and Connectivity URL settings.
  7. Click the Properties tab, and then configure the following settings:
    Adjust the polling times for the unit.
    • Poll interval: Polling interval in seconds.
    • Stale location age: If the system does not receive location data for the GPS unit by the time indicated here, it considers the data to be stale.
      NOTE: The system does not attempt to automatically offload data and video from a vehicle that has a stale location if the require recent location option is enabled.
    If you are using an accelerometer, select the unit model. Define any accelerometer thresholds and whether to receive events based on these thresholds.
    Display unit
    If you are using an onboard LCD screen, select the unit model.
    Input/output device
    Input or output for external sensors.
    NOTE: If you define an input/output device, you must configure discrete inputs in the Inputs tab.
    Local archivers
    Destination archiver for offloaded video data.
    If you are using a WiFi adapter, select Monitor WiFi connection. You can choose to receive events when the GPS unit is connected or disconnected from WiFi, and set the intervals in seconds for verifying the unit's WiFi connection.
  8. (Optional) Click the Metadata tab and override the plugin defaults for the metadata configuration of the GPS unit.
    1. Click . The Add metadata configuration windows opens.
    2. Enter a Metadata key and Triggers.
    3. To raise a GPS metadata match event, bookmark video, or protect video when the system identifies a match for the metadata key and value pair you configured, select the associated check boxes. Metadata matches can also be tied to alarms, event-to-actions, incidents, and so on.
  9. Click Apply.