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We recommend that you configure the Vehicle Monitoring plugin's data source settings before you add GPS push data sources as GPS unit to Security Center, you must configure the Vehicle Monitoring plugin's data source settings.

What you should know

Geolocation and other types of metadata can be sent to the Vehicle Monitoring plugin using raw UDP sockets, MQTT, or HTTP/S. To keep your data secure, it is recommended to use third-party encryption and authentication methods, such as end-to-end VPNs or SSH tunnels.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. From the entity tree, select the Vehicle Monitoring plugin role, and click the Data sources tab.
  3. Configure your data source:
    Data source name
    Enter a name for the data source.
    Tip: For better search indexing, it is a best practice to indicate that the router is submitting NMEA data.
    Input type
    Select UDP socket, MQTT, or Rest endpoint.
    Input details
    Configure the input details for the data source you selected.
  4. Click Apply.