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If a GPS unit seems to not be receiving data from a data source, and its data is shown as stale in a monitoring tile, there might be an error in the identifier prefix of the data source.


The unique identifier prefixed to the NMEA sentence is sending unexpected data.


  1. From the Genetecâ„¢ Server Admin, select the server running the Vehicle Monitoring plugin.
  2. Next to the server name, click the Actions list, and select Console.
  3. Click Loggers, and then under Active loggers, search for pushdatasource.
    NOTE: The Genetec.ITS.GPS.Server.Comms.DataSources.Push.DocketPushDataSource logger is displayed.
  4. Click Debug, and then click Add.
    NOTE: Incoming data is displayed in the Logs section.
  5. Identify and resolve issues in the identifier prefix.
In this example, there is an extra comma following the identifier prefix of the NMEA sentence. Because you cannot remove the comma in the router setting, you need to add the comma to the data source identifier in the GPS unit's properties in Config Tool.