Managing vehicle offloads in the Security Center Fleet Monitoring plugin My offloads tab - Security Center Fleet Monitoring 2.3

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Security Center Fleet Monitoring 2.3
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From the my offloads tab, you can view the status of queued, in-progress, and recently completed data offload requests, request a new offload, and jump to the route playback task.


  1. Optional: Enter a keyword in the Filter dialogue box.
  2. Specify the user or group that initiated the offload.
  3. Specify the time period during which the offload was completed in minutes, hours, or days.
  4. Configure the auto refresh settings to suit your needs.
    NOTE: The lowest possible value for auto refresh is five seconds.
  5. If you want to offload the data again, or perform a similar offload using the same AVL unit and cameras, but with other details changed, click retry.
  6. Select the offload you need and click play () to jump to the route playback task.

After you finish

  • Review the video associated with the offload in the route playback task.
  • Click Request offload to return to the AVL data offload task.