Previewing vehicle video before offloading using the Security Center Fleet Monitoring plugin - Security Center Fleet Monitoring 2.3

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If a vehicle is online, you can view vehicle information and video from vehicle cameras in Security Desk before offloading the video. You might want to preview vehicle video to ensure you are looking at the right camera before starting a long offload task.


  1. From the Security Desk home page, open the AVL data offload task.
  2. Click the location of interest and adjust your search radius with the Select area slider.
  3. In the Select time frame area, specify the period in which you want to search.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Click a vehicle icon that was discovered within the radius.
    A pop up window opens with a camera list and details about the vehicle.
  6. Select one or more cameras from the list of vehicle cameras, and then click View selected.
    The video from all selected cameras is loaded into a single tile of the Monitoring task and synchronized automatically back to that search time parameter.
  7. To see all cameras at the same time, right-click the video tile and select Unpack .
    The Monitoring task now displays enough tiles to show all cameras. To repack the cameras to return the Monitoring task to its original state, click Pack .

After you finish

  • Review the vehicle data and video.
  • Offload AVL data.