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Security Center Fleet Monitoring 2.3
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The following issues are resolved in the Fleet Monitoring plugin 2.3.

Issue Description
2862552 If an offload is running only on a federated system, it does not appear in the My offloads task on the head end of the system. The offload will appear, however, in the AVL data offloads task on the head end.
2835799 In the AVL Vehicle route playback task, if there is no video for one of the cameras, playback sometimes fails to start.
2716966 A bug is affecting the database upgrade procedure. Users must delete the database to use the creation script instead of the update script.
2696646 The Fleet Monitoring plugin configuration default is set to offload specific video, with no triggers checked. The default must to offload all video data.
2594919 The Fleet Monitoring plugin installer is missing a certificate required for the My offloads task.
2697412 The Fleet Monitoring plugin offload playback does not work for Video Only offloads in the Vehicle route playback task. If a user navigates to another task in Security Desk and then back to the Vehicle route playback task, the video does not play. To play the video, the user must navigate to the My offloads task and press play.
2693096 When performing route playback for the AVL unit, the location data tile is not showing the data in both columns.
2712942 When a user closes Security Desk with the My offloads task open, they are asked if they want to save opened tasks. Selecting the save option results in an error.
2712948 Incorrect user names are displayed in the User drop down menu of the My offloads task.
2715091 When the View AVL data offloads user privilege is set to Deny or Undefined, the user should not have access to the My offloads task and the AVL data offload status, but the user has access to these tasks.