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If you are unable to add a GPS entity using Generic NMEA, the COM port might already be in use.


The COM port can only be accessed by one software. If the COM port is already in use, it cannot be used to connect to the plugin.


  1. Stop the Genetecâ„¢ Server to release the COM port.
  2. Install a terminal emulator that supports COM ports (for instance, PuTTY).
  3. Make sure you see text NMEA data.

    If you don't,, another software is using the COM port and you need to try again with a different software.

  4. Stop the terminal emulator to release the COM port.
  5. Start the Genetecâ„¢ Service.
  6. In the Config Tool, ensure that the COM port settings match the ones that worked with the terminal emulator.

If the issue persists, create a sample output from the emulator into a text file and contact technical support.

NOTE: Our serial NMEA class requires Position and Time (RMC) sentences. Fix data (GGA) sentences are optional and, if present, are used only for altitude.