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If your video timeline is cluttered or your video becomes difficult to see, there might be an issue with bookmarks blocking the video feed.


When you have bookmarks in fast succession or multiple simultaneous bookmarks, the video timeline becomes cluttered which makes it difficult to see the videos.

NOTE: Bookmarks are not required to record the state changes but they are useful to validate the timestamp of the triggers.


Disable all bookmarks on a metadata trigger, or disable bookmarks for certain events in the metadata trigger.

  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the System task, and click the Roles view.
  2. Select the GPS unit from the entity browser and click the Metadata tab.
  3. To disable all bookmarks from one of the keys:
    1. Select the desired key, and click Edit metadata configuration ().
    2. Clear the Bookmark video box and click OK.
  4. To disable bookmarks for metadata keys in an off state:
    1. Select the desired key, and click Edit metadata configuration ().
    2. Select the Regular expression trigger, and click Edit metadata trigger ().
    3. Remove all of the off conditions, it should look like this: (on|ON|On).
Tip: You can always view the metadata trigger values in one of the following places:
  • In the Local vehicle data history.
  • In the head-end Vehicle data history report
  • In the Vehicle route playback task when the video is offloaded.