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Security Center Fleet Monitoring 2.3
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The Fleet Monitoring solution integrates global positioning system (GPS), accelerometer, and general-purpose input and output (GPIO) sensors onboard vehicles into Security Center as AVL entities. The solution allows for integration of an LCD screen to monitor the status of the system and cameras within the vehicle. Using the solution, you can monitor your vehicle location and offload data and video in Security Center.

The solution consists of two plugins:
  • Security Center Vehicle Monitoring plugin: Installed on the vehicle system, this plugin collects telematics, GPS information, and other sensor data as GPS (Global Positioning System) entities. This plugin provides information on status of on-board cameras and archivers running on the Security Center server.
  • Security Center Fleet Monitoring plugin: Installed on the Enterprise Federation™ headend system, this plugin aggregates the location, accelerometer, input, and camera data into a new entity, called an AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locator) entity.
You can use the solution to do the following:
  • Monitor vehicle location in real time
  • Play back synchronized video and vehicle routes
  • Offload data from a vehicle system to a central system
  • Offload video and metadata automatically based on a schedule, location or connection state
  • Raise events, and bookmark and protect videos based on metadata matches
  • Configure GPS units with input/output devices which automatically create metadata key and value pair
  • Request video offloads for a fleet of vehicles
  • Trigger notifications based on geofence triggers
  • Respond to incidents quickly and effectively
  • Notify users of system issues on board
  • Monitor GPS unit states
  • View camera quick statuses