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Security Center Fleet Monitoring 2.3
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Fleet Monitoring solution 2.3 includes the following new features.

Handle offload failures due to connection loss
If an offloads is interrupted because of a loss of network connectivity, the offload is resumed upon reestablishment of network connection.
My offloads: play partially successful offloads
Offloads that were partially successful can now be played in the My offloads task.
My offloads task shows failure info
Failed offloads now display a reason for failure in the My offloads task.
My offloads page supports re-queuing failed offloads
  • If an offload contains failures, you can now re-queue the entire offload as a new offload.
  • Performing a retry of an offload now leads to the AVL data offload page, where the new offload is pre-populated with the same parameters, such as time frame, involved entities, and options, as the offload being retried.
  • You can now re-submit any offload regardless of whether it is online, offline, failed, completed, or canceled.
Manual data offload form defaults the Create incident feature to OFF
The Create incident feature is set to off by default for manual data offloads.
Route playback export; use pre-installed offline route playback files for package option
During the route playback export process, the Package for distribution option is only available if the user has installed the Offline route playback tool.
Route playback exports videos as g64x
The route playback export feature now exports videos as g64x files.
Allow option to consider video offload with "no other archiver found" error a completed offload
If you have cameras recording to your head end archiver and do an AVL data offload on the head end and it includes those cameras, the items are marked as completed (100% progress)
Retry offloads in the My offloads task
You can now retry failed offloads in the My offloads task.
Retrying status added to My offloads task
Offloads for which a retry is in progress now show a status of retrying.
Cancel offloads in the My offloads task
You can now cancel in-progress offloads in the My offloads task.
Pause and resume offloads in the My offloads task
You can now pause and resume in-progress offloads in the My offloads task.
Canceled status for data offloads
Canceled offloads now show their status as canceled instead of completed.
Fleet health monitoring
The Fleet health monitoring task shows a list of all AVL units with the following:
  • Columns showing major and minor faults
  • Faulted camera count column
  • Color-coded unit health states as follows:
    • Grey: no recent status data received
    • Green: normal function
    • Red: at least one major fault
    • Yellow: no major faults but at least one minor fault
Trigger AVL automatic offload on custom event
You can now configure a custom event in Security Center to trigger automatic AVL offloads.
AVL Offload: show how much has been offloaded for a given time period
A graphical indicator is shown next to selected vehicles that shows if we have already offloaded video for this vehicle for the period. The indicator is green if we have all data for the period successfully offloaded, yellow if we have some video, and red if we have none.
AVL offload: show a warning if a long time period is selected
A passive warning is shown when the user requests an offload of over one hour.
AVL offload: check if already offloaded before queuing
When processing an offload chunk, the local AVL database checks to see if the complete chunk has been offloaded in past. If so, the chunk is marked completed and the transfer manager task does not open.
My offloads task
With the new My offloads task, you can view the high level status of video offloads you have requested and easily launch route playback for any of the offloads that are completed.
GUS for Fleet Monitoring plugin
You can now update to the latest version of the Fleet Monitoring plugin with the Genetec Update Service.
Associate an instrumented area with an AVL unit
You can now associate an instrumented area with an AVL unit, allowing you to link occupancy and capacity data from instrumented areas with the occupancy monitoring system on your fleet vehicles.
Improve custom entity icon rendering
Icons are now rendered in higher definition than in previous versions.
Manage and monitor status of AVL offload over federation
You can now query, manage, and check the status of AVL data offloads in federated systems using the My offloads and AVL data offload status task.
Export files for distribution in zip form
You can now package video and vehicle metadata for export as a self-extracting zip file, allowing you to share all sizes of export as a single file.