Connecting to cameras through HTTPS (Advanced) - Security Center 5.11

Security Center Hardening Guide 5.11

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Security Center 5.11
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For maximum security, it is recommended that you connect Security Center to cameras using HTTPS.

Before you begin

Security Center can automatically deploy signed certificates on supported cameras and renew them when they are about to expire. This allows the system to use of HTTPS to communicate with cameras. We recommend using this feature if your video units are supported. For more information, see Unit certificate management.

If your cameras do not support the Security Center unit certificate management feature, configure the camera certificates manually before enabling HTTPS communication using the following procedure.

What you should know

The Archiver supports HTTPS connections with compatible cameras.

A certificate trusted by the Archiver must be installed on the cameras.


  1. From the Config Tool homepage, open the Video task, and click the Roles and units view.
  2. Click Video unit ().
  3. Enter the required camera information.
  4. For Authentication, select Specific.
  5. Switch the Use HTTPS slider to ON.
  6. Click Add and close.