Using a local service account for Genetec™ Server (Basic) - Security Center 5.11

Security Center Hardening Guide 5.11

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Security Center 5.11
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To ensure your system's security, administrators must enter a password to access the configuration settings of their servers.

What you should know

Only local machine privileges are required by the local service account. Domain privileges are not.
Best Practice: In Windows, enable the Passwords must meet complexity requirements when accounts other than the local service account are used.


  1. On the Service Logon Parameters page of the Genetec™ Security Center InstallShield, choose between using the default parameters or specifying your own.
    If Use default username and password option is selected, Security Center uses the predefined LocalSystem account. This is the default and preferred option. If you want to use a different user account, administrator privileges are required, as this account is used to run the Genetec™ Server service.

  2. Confirm the password and click Next.