Changing the default logon password for Security Center servers (Basic, Advanced) - Security Center 5.9

Security Center Hardening Guide 5.9

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Security Center 5.9
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To ensure your system's security, you must set a secure password to access the configuration settings of your Security Center servers.

What you should know

It is a best practice to use a long, unique, random password for your main server. The minimum password length is eight characters.


  1. On the Server configuration page of the Security Center InstallShield, enter the following:
    Password/Confirm password
    Enter and confirm the password to open the web-based Server Admin.
    Best Practice: If you are upgrading your Security Center installation, the existing server password is kept by default. If you were using a blank password, we recommend that you enter a new one that contains at least one uppercase character, one lowercase character, one number and one special character.
    IMPORTANT: If you lose the server password, call Genetec™ Technical Support to reset it.

  2. Confirm the password and click Next.
    NOTE: If you are installing an expansion server, go to the Server Configuration page of the InstallShield, enter the same password that you created for your main server.